• As Principal Investigator:


  • Women's reflections on egg donation as donors and recipients: 2016-2018

  • Attitudes toward assisted reproductive technologies: 2009 – 2015


  • Improving quality and safety in the hospital: The link between organizational culture, burnout and quality of care (ORCAB) 2009-2014: Seventh Framework Programme Project 


  • Psychosocial, political and gendered dimensions of preventive technologies in Bulgaria and Romania: HPV vaccine implementation 2010-2012


  • Health systems and psychosocial aspects of cervical cancer screening in Bulgaria and Romania 2004-2007


  • Psychosocial aspects of infertility and assisted reproductive technologies in Bulgaria: 2004 2008

As Co-investigator and as consultant:


  • The Emergency Response of Community-Based Organizations in Puerto Rico After Hurricane María, PI Mariana Guzzardo, University of California (2018-2020)

  • Improving wellbeing for caregivers of people with dementia: VOICE (2014-2015)

  • Evaluating and Improving the use of Foresight in Addressing Societal Challenges.

  • Health Behavior in School-aged Children (HBSC): a WHO affiliated study: 2004 – 2016

  •  Center for Population Health and Health Disparities: Boston Puerto Rican Health Study (BPRHS)

  • Longitudinal Immigrant Student Adaptations Study (LISA)

  • European Cancer Health Indicator Project 2 (EUROCHIP 2): The Action 2004-2008

  • European Cancer Health Indicator Project 3 (EUROCHIP 3): Common Action 2008-2011

Our projects are in collaboration with or supported by:



National Institutes of Health; European Commission 7th Framework Program; 

EngenderHealth; Jacobs Foundation and others.